One Walk, 2015

The cooler weather (yay!) means one thing…well, actually it means lots of things, but what I am most excited about is the upcoming JDRF One Walk! One Walk is a fundraising walk-a-thon to support and raise money for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. There are many organizations committed to raising awareness of diabetes, but my family chooses to support JDRF because it one of the only organizations committed solely to Type 1, or Juvenile, Diabetes instead of both Types 1 & 2, and because the organization spends its money in ways that are important to us.

Cole cuts the ribbon to begin the 2014 Walk in Front Royal, Virginia.

Of the organizations $215 million in annual expenditures, about 80% does toward education and research related to T1D. Some of the projects JDRF funds include the bionic pancreas project out of Boston University, University of Virginia’s artificial pancreas project, Viacyte’s stem cell encapsulation, and UNC’s smart insulin patch research.

Last year was the first time my family put together a team–Team Crazy for a Cure–and participated in the walk. It was such a great experience for Cole because he was able to meet other kids and teens with Type 1 Diabetes. And he was chosen to cut the ribbon to begin the walk, which made him feel like an important member of this awesome T1D community.

Team Crazy for a Cure will be walking again in Front Royal, Virginia to raise money for JDRF. If you’d like to join us, email me at And if you’d like to donate to our team fundraiser, please click here!

We appreciate your support in whatever form it comes!

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