Happy 2nd Anniversary

July 9th marked the second anniversary of my son’s diagnosis of Type 1 Diabetes. For about a year or so after my son was diagnosed, I often thought of our lives in terms of two distinct stages–there was life before diagnosis and there was life after diagnosis. Learning to manage the disease while undergoing a huge lifestyle overhaul was challenging, to say the least. But it has gotten easier in the last year.

I honored the momentous day–not just two years with diabetes, but two years of successfully managing diabetes–by going to the doc myself and getting an annual checkup, my first since Cole’s diagnosis. I know, I should be ashamed, but to be honest, I had kind of put my own health on the back burner while I focused 100% on my son’s health and medical needs. Turns out, I have something else to celebrate! My blood work came back and it was pretty fantastic! Since my last check up (Which was June 2013), my cholesterol dropped from 177 to 125 and my HDL was squarely in the normal range (it had been too low previously). What’s more, my fasting glucose was 94, down from 106 previously. I had also lost 12 pounds.

I think about our family lifestyle before diagnosis, and remember eating out at least 4 nights a week, baking cookies and sweets weekly, and keeping a candy jar stocked. That all changed on July 9, 2013, of course. If not for my son’s disease, we would probably have two diabetics in the household–a Type 1 and a Type 2. I would probably be on cholesterol meds and may have even weighed more instead of having lost weight.  I hate to say it, but my son’s disease may have saved my life.

Diabetes is a horrible disease and I wouldn’t wish it on anyone, but at least in this household, it has delivered some benefits, such as enforcing a healthier lifestyle on the entire family. How has diabetes changed your life?

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