PSAs that don’t educate


Came across this little gem this evening as I was working on a conference presentation I have to give in a few weeks. My presentation examines public service announcements about diabetes. I’ve identified quite a few of these ads that spread misinformation through a variety of tactics including false association, celebrity appeal, and fear mongering. This PSA also fits the bill. By not distinguishing between Type 1 and Type 2 while invoking childhood lifestyles, readers are led to believe only one type of childhood diabetes exists and it results from lifestyle. Such an assertion/fallacy suggests that one can prevent diabetes and thus shames diabetics … Because at some point they made poor lifestyle choices and got what was coming to them. Obviously this is problematic for Type 1diabetes because T1D cannot be prevented–not by healthy eating and exercising, not by anything. Beyond this, the English teacher in me cannot ignore the incorrect verb tense used. is going to should be will.

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