Low Carb, Low GI, what’s a TID to do?

My husband shared a fb page with me last night. It’s owned by a mom who put her son on a Gluten-free, low carb diet when he was diagnosed with T1D three years ago. He’s been off insulin for almost all of that three years much to the alarm of the diabetes community and even some of his doctors. I, myself, am undecided.

I, too, believe my son’s prolonged five-month honeymoon (which pales in comparison to three years) was due in large part to my son’s diet. We didn’t go gluten free or even low carb and until recently, I had no idea what Low GI actually meant. But we did cut out all processed foods and adopted a whole foods diet. In short, this means I cook every meal without taking short cuts. Consequently, I think my son’s intake of carbohydrates was reduced significantly. When you aren’t eating breaded chicken nuggets, boxed macaroni and cheese, and such, carbs intake is greatly reduced. But my son’s honeymoon still ended.

So what distinguishes us from the family I mention above? A gluten free diet, apparently. Once school ends for the summer, this will be my main focus–adopting a gluten free diet to see what it does for my son’s blood sugar. I am both nervous and excited about this prospect but mostly I have questions: now that the honeymoon is over, what value does reducing carbs to reduce the amount of insulin have? Is insulin inherently bad? Or is the real value in the reduction of severe bg swings? And if that is the case, can we accomplish this with a Low GI diet?

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be researching these questions, but if you have any thoughts, please share them!

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